What Would Make Someone Get Denied From Getting an EIN?

Your company’s employer identification number is required if you want to open business bank or credit card accounts, obtain certain types of permits or hire employees. Most of the time, the application process is quick, easy and over within a matter of days. However, sometimes things get a bit more complicated and a Wisconsin EIN number application is denied.

How to Make Sure Your Application Is Approved

In nearly every case, an employer identification number application is denied because there is conflicting or missing information. Almost always, the denial is based on a name conflict. This usually happens if you chose a business name that is identical or very close to identical to the name of another business in another state. Another reason the application may be denied is that you forgot to include important information. Gather the following before starting the application process:

  • Your name
  • Your personal address
  • Your company’s name
  • Your company’s physical address, including the state

How to Expedite the Application Process

Many people mistakenly believe that applying for a federal tax ID number is a long and complicated process, but it is made much easier if you apply using IRS-EIN-Tax-ID. In fact, you can even fill out your application online. The online application will walk you through the process by asking a few simple questions and allowing you to fill out the information. Once you submit the application, you can track your application online. If you filled everything out correctly, you can receive your federal employer identification number as soon as the next business day. For most, it is only a matter of a few days. Once you verify the EIN number, you can begin to use it to create a better business that has finances separate from your personal ones.

To learn more about the application process and how an EIN works for you, contact IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service.