Things to Look For When Choosing a Credit Counselling Agency

There are many credit counselling agencies operating in Canada today. With so many service providers out there, it can be difficult to choose the right agency that will give you the finest solution to your debt problems, get the best possible savings on debt consolidation, as well as debt settlement, and charge fair prices for these services. It can be hard to know which agency to trust with your money and time. Here are some things to look for when choosing a trustworthy credit counselling agency:

The first thing you should check is whether the counsellors are certified, and that the organization is accredited and has good reviews from groups like the Better Business Bureau. For an agency to be certified/licensed or become a member of a reliability program they have to pass various tests to guarantee they can deliver the debt help and other necessary services. In Canada, there are different associations that promote quality, assurance as well as financial responsibilities of their members who have to pass strict accreditation standards. Agencies who are members of these associations have to live up to the client service standards spelt out by the associations.

Another thing to look for when choosing a credit counselling agency is whether the agency will develop a plan that is custom-made for your needs. There are many agency services being advertised online that claim to charge a flat rate amount that is normally pretty low. What you might not know is that these agencies offer you an ordinary cookie cutter debt reduction approach. The program is not designed to fit your needs, so you are not getting the most excellent debt help program for your financial situation. These services might seem low in the beginning, only to end up costing you more eventually. A good agency will have a credit counsellor meet with you and develop a plan that suits your current financial situation.

Ask if a potential debt reduction agency will give you a written guarantee showing the amount that they can save you. There are many agencies currently being promoted that claim to save you up to a certain percentage, whether 65%, 70% or 80%. They promise to deliver these huge savings to you, but when you actually engage their service and request a contract, they will not write down the actual amount they guarantee to save you. Instead, they just say that they will do the best possible deal for you. You should be suspicious of such agencies. If an agency cannot put their promise in writing, it is a sign of lack of confidence in their ability to deliver what they claim. Ensure that the agency you choose can guarantee results in writing.

Finally, look for a credit counselling agency whose services are confidential. Your current financial state and the steps you take to resolve it should not be publicized. This is personal information and the agency you turn to for debt help should be able to keep it that way. A good agency will keep all your financial information completely confidential.